Doctor’s Orders Brewing is all about special thought provoking and inspirational beers released seasonally, with availability across Australia currently on draft (including growler fills at specialty liquor stores) and 500mL bottles. The ethos is simple, produce beers that are intriguing based on emerging, historical and/or rare styles often with a twist but always with balance that enables you to have more than one.

Our mid seasonal beers are smaller draft only releases designed to be much bolder in flavour and style. They are only available at our regular craftier venues and when the keg(s) empty it’s gone.

Doctor’s Orders is affectionately referred to as a cuckoo brewer. The analogy with a cuckoo is that we don’t have our own brewery (cuckoos take over other birds nests to lay their eggs). We take over our mates breweries to personally produce our beers. We also personally develop, market and sell each beer.

Currently we are brewing out of two Sydney breweries; the Australian Brewery (Rouse Hill) and Nomad Brewing Co (Brookvale).

About Us


                   All beer label/decal artwork since Spring 2010 by Matt Burns Design and Thirst Co

We are now part of the Experience IT portfolio joining a plethora of world class brewers and breweries. Our beer is distributed by the fantastic team at Experience IT Beverages.

Orders can be placed directly with them via their Trade Zone portal.


                   All photography by Bryn Price of Blue Doors Studio