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Meet Dr Shedlove 2016

Our annual collaboration with Big Shed Brewing is in bottle (330ml) and keg. But what is it ??

He's the product of the unholiest of brewing unions, Big Shed Brewing and Doctor's Orders and his latest creation is an Imperial Belgian Yam + Taro Stout. A beer so dark that no light can escape its surface. Allow yourself to revel in Dr Shedlove's dark side and his obsession with root vegetables, dark malts, whisky barrels and C2H60.

Dr Funk 2016

Our collaboration with Funk Estate (NZ).

Dr Funk was first brewed when we were in NZ in August 2015 for Beervana and we re-brewed it this year when we were in Auckland for the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular in June.  It is a Sour Citrus Ale (Kettle Sour with Black Lime and Yuzu). Refreshingly clean, crisp and tart and perfect for the warmer weather.


Isotope is our collaboration with Atom Brewing (UK) and Thirst Co (UK) and has just landed in Australia in bottle (330ml) and keg (30L). It is a very limited release and already sold out from our distributor so if you see it buy one before it’s gone.

Isotope is a Wee Heavy with Elderflower,
Meadowsweet, Bog Myrtle and aged on
Whisky Cask staves.

It is one complex multi-layered flavour

NEW - Autumn Seasonal

NZ manuka smoked black IPA with chipotle 7.5%

Pilsner malt delicately smoked with NZ Manuka wood gives Anaphylaxis its smooth enticing smoky sweet aroma.

The flavour blends beautifully with the subtle

warming heat from chipotle peppers and floral, resiny hops. A true marriage of complimentary flavours. First brewed in 2015 with Wheaty Brewing Corps, Adelaide (AU).

Anaphylaxis replaces Iron Lung as our Autumn

Anaphylaxis is your Doctor’s Orders
seasonal for Autumn  Anaphylaxis Flyer

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NEW - Winter Seasonal

Salted Caramel Brown Ale 7%

We’ve married the delicious NZ Gladfield specialty malts with Murray River Sea Salt that we’ve delicately smoked over Apple Wood sourced from American Whisky barrels.

The toffee caramel sweetness combined with the balanced use of salt with a nuance of smoke provides you with your winter nourishment.

Saccharophobic is your Doctor’s Orders seasonal
for Winter  Saccharophobic Flyer


Dr Shedlove 2016

Our annual collaboration with Big Shed is getting close to release. Dr Shedlove’s love of root vegetables continues.

This year we present a Belgian Imperial Yam + Taro Stout.

Dr Funk 2016

A re-brew of our collaboration with Funk Estate is also getting close to release. Dr Funk is back for 2016 and funkier. Funkier and in 330ml cans.

NEW - Spring Seasonal

Imperial Irish Red Steinbier 7%

Here at Doctor’s Orders Brewing we love malt, hops

and smoke. With our new Spring Seasonal we’ve also added another favourite, fire. Fire to heat volcanic rocks that we dropped into the kettle which super-heated our sweet wort.

The super-heated volcanic rocks when dunked into the wort imparted a luscious caramel and toffee profile with a hint of smoke marrying perfectly with the Irish Red base with a bonus of 7% alcohol.

Fleshwound is your Doctor’s Orders seasonal
for Spring  Fleshwound Flyer

New Summer Seasonal
(Coming early December)

Tonic is our new release for Summer 2016/17.

Tonic is ambidextrous. You can drink it straight up as a refreshing Summer Witbier with its array of botanicals (orange peel, juniper berries, lemon myrtle, coriander and cinchona bark), or use it as a tonic mixer by adding a shot of your favourite gin. Cucumber garnish optional.

First brewed in 2014 with Wheaty Brewing Corps,  Adelaide (AU) & Yeastie Boys, UK / NZ. Enjoy this refreshing summer witbier with its balanced botanicals or use it as the perfect tonic to bring your favourite gin to life.
We recommend pairing it with Baker Williams Gin.

Tonic is your Doctor’s Orders seasonal for Summer  Tonic Flyer

Available for pre-order now through our distributor Experience IT Beverages